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The Annex Cookery, owned and operated by Judith Tener and her family, has actively observed the ongoing developments and changes of the cookware and housewares market for past 30 years.

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Oct. 2
Beatriz Ball

Graceful curves, rippling pearls, and a gleaming finish distinguish this lovely bowl.

Tags: Beatriz Ball, Bowl, $BTZ-6637, Organic Pearl

Oct. 1
Beatriz Ball Liked

Raise your expectations

Tags: Beatriz Ball, Charcuterie, Wood, $BTZ-7107, Pedestal

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Sept. 28
Beatriz Ball Liked

Acrylic stemware is perfect for any Friday night gathering!

Tags: Beer, Drinks, Friday Night, Girls Night, Beatriz Ball, The Good Life, Acrylic, $BTZ-2217, VIDA

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Sept. 20
Beatriz Ball

Why wait until the weekend to treat yourself? A decadent cheeseboard is the perfect Thursday night snack!

Tags: $BT-7027, Cheeseboard, Cheese, Cutting Board, Snacktime, Beatriz Ball, Wood, SOHO

Sept. 19
Beatriz Ball

The perfect gift

Tags: Beatriz Ball, $BTZ-6516, GIFTABLES

09/19/18 03:55 PM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge
Would be nice with Chobani :)

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